Travel Accessories for Packing Light

Travel Accessories for Packing Light

This article is full of amazing accessories for minimalist packing and saving space so you can travel light. Tips and accessories to help you pack less and travel with carry-on.

For the last two years Max and I have been travelling full-time with 40L backpacks, the ultimate challenge of packing light. The first question everyone asks us is ‘how do you fit everything into your backpack?!’ Well firstly, we became really good at detaching ourselves from ‘stuff’ while we were saving for our trip. But the real key to success was finding some travel accessories which take up less space and have multiple uses.

So without further ado, here are our favourite travel accessories that every minimalist packer needs.

Shoes usually take up the most unnecessary space in my backpack. So for this trip I’ve made the effort to cut down and only bring three pairs! This means they need to be light-weight, durable, suitable for all weathers and activities and a least a little bit fashionable. Here’s a list of great travel shoes.

For me Teva sandals are my number one travel shoe as they can be worn in so many situations including beaches, water, cities and easy hikes.