Whether you live in San Diego or are just visiting, a sunny afternoon at Seaport Village definitely needs to be on your to-do list. Located on the waterfront with the beautiful skyline in the background, it’s easy to spend hours exploring the interesting shops, eating local food, or simply basking in the sun.

If you go at the right time in the afternoon, you will likely be treated to an outdoor performance. If you feel like branching out, the USS Midway Museum is a short walk down the road. Enjoying the sun on the deck of a retired aircraft carrier is an experience like nothing else.

Seaport Village tends to be very busy in the summer months, especially on weekends. Also, parking is pretty scarce in the high season. If you can, definitely take a Lyft or Uber.

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There are few places that sum up the beauty of sunny San Diego like Coronado Island. The island/city is nestled in the bay right across the water from Seaport Village. The pristine sandy beaches and strong SoCal vibes makes Coronado Island the ideal place to get your California tan while soaking in the scenery. Look west, and you can get a mesmerizing glimpse of the Pacific. Look east, and you can practically see the entirety of the unique San Diego skyline.

In the old days, Coronado Island was only accessibly by boat. Back then, enjoying the sunshine here was a whole big ordeal and most of the visitors were tourists. While the island is still a major tourist hub, the construction of the Coronado Bridge in 1967 made it easy for anyone in the area to check out the sights.

In addition to the dazzling sun, there are all kinds of activities to keep you busy. If the sun is hiding behind a cloud, the Coronado Museum of History and Art is a fantastic way to spend a few hours learning all about the island’s intriguing background. The 10-mile ride takes you to all the best viewpoints on the island. You can also paddle around the bay on a kayak or paddleboard. And finally, don’t forget to spend at least an hour or so sitting on the famed Coronado Beach. No trip to the island is complete without it!

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If you want all the glamour and glitz of Southern California without mobs of tourists, the La Jolla Shores is the place to go. An afternoon here on a sunny day is about as heavenly as it gets.

The beach area is a mile-long crescent in the La Jolla Bay. The area is surrounded by the gorgeous hillside overlooked by some of the most beautiful homes in the country. La Jolla’s sunny beaches are commonly known as the “Jewel of San Diego.” Once you set foot on the sand, you will certainly understand why. Other than working on your tan, the shores are an awesome launching spot for kayaks, paddleboards, snorkeling, and scuba diving. If you go at the right time of year, you might see a dolphin in the water nearby!

A sunset on the La Jolla Shores is one of the most awe-inspiring experiences a person can have!

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It would almost be a crime to write about places to enjoy the sun in San Diego and not mention Sunset Cliffs Natural Park. Sunset Cliffs is well-known for being a place that couples go to enjoy a romantic sunset. This location has undoubtedly been the chosen spot for countless marriage proposals.

The entirety of the park stretches 68 miles across the bluffs above the Pacific. Regardless of where you are, you will be treated to a breathtaking panorama

view of the ocean and the surrounding cliffs as the sun reflects light magnificently off the water.

While the summer months will obviously be a bit more crowded, checking out the park in the winter is well worth it. The colder months are when the gray whale migration takes place. If you go at the right time, chances are, you’ll catch a glimpse or two of the sea’s largest mammals!


San Diego exemplifies paradise in a number of ways. The sunshine is at the very top of that list. As most locals will attest, the Pacific sunsets never get old – no matter how many you’ve seen. When you’re in San Diego, spending a considerable amount of time in the sun needs to be a priority!
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