Best Things to Do in Central America for Summer

Summer is the time to go out and take advantage of all of the natural beauties that Central America has to offer. With all of its cute towns, mountains, rivers, and forests, the region is amazing for all sorts of outdoor activities.

You can also do these during the rainy months but it is safer and a lot more fun if you know that you won’t be caught up in the rain and get muddy. Following are my top choices for outdoor activities to do during the summer in Central America.

1.Relax on One of Its Beaches

Belize Beach

Central America is a thin strip of land with access to the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. At some points, it is so thin that you can go from one coast to the other in just a few hours.

Countries like Costa Rica, Honduras and Belize are famous for their gorgeous white sanded beaches on the Caribbean and for the coral reefs that offer amazing opportunities for snorkeling and diving.

On the other hand, countries Like Guatemala and El Salvador, with their black sanded beaches don’t get as much credit for their beaches but surfers are well aware of their existence and love them. They offer amazing waves that can show experienced and new surfers a good time.

2.Hiking on Some Nearby Mountain

Acatenango Volcano

There are tons mountains and volcanoes of that offer hikes of all difficulties. Aside from being an incredibly rewarding activity, it provides amazing views of the surrounding towns. Even if you are not a hiker, there is a trail out there that you will enjoy.

Plus the region is located along the ring of fire so take advantage of all the adventures this can provide!

Even if the trail is easy and well marked it is always good to get a guide.

Image result for Bike Tours Along the Countryside

If hiking and relaxing in the sun are not enough for you. You can also rent a bike, put on your helmet and explore everything that the towns and their surroundings have to offer. You can also choose the difficulty of the tours you want to do.

The cities here aren’t biker friendly yet, but most of the smaller towns are.

I will repeat one more time the fact that you need a guide for this, not only so you don’t get lost but for safety.


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In most areas of Central America, you come across a forest just by walking to the limits of any town. The region has managed to still maintain a lot of its natural areas. So chances are that you will have some national park or reserve near you wherever you are.

In the last 10 years, a lot of these national parks or privately owned reserves started offering zip-lining tours. During these tours, you will be taken to a high point within the forest where you start sliding down cables.

This sort of tour offers excitement and the chance to see the animals that hide up on top of the trees.

5.Rafting in One of Its Many Rivers

Image result for Rafting in One of Its Many Rivers

The Central American territory has a tropical weather with tons of forests of all kinds. With that comes an amazing amount of rivers. Whenever you go out to walk among nature you can be 80% sure that you will come across some kind of waterway.

All of those creeks come together to form large rivers. Some sections of them are calm with clear waters, so inviting for a swim but in some other sections currents get stronger and rafting can be done in a safe yet exciting way in them. There are also tons of companies offering these sorts of tours.

Bonus: If you like water and excitement you will definitely love rappelling on a waterfall. It is a refreshing and fun activity in the middle of the forest. This should also be done ahead of the rainy season before rivers get big and dangerous.