One of my favourites places to visit in the summer has to be Ibiza. When August comes around the the DJ’s come to town, there is nothing better than watching the sunset with a glass of Sangria and the beat of the latest dance track humming from nearby. I love Ibiza and everything about Ibiza, so I thought it was about time I shared with you our tips for planning a trip to Ibiza.

Book early – Sounds obvious, but with many European (particularly Spanish) destinations, you can often get great last minute deals. Ibiza is not one of them. Prices rocket up throughout the summer, so book flights and accommodation in advanced.
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Avoid the holidays – The DJ’s come to town from May and stay through to September, meaning it can be difficult to avoid the school holidays altogether. However, book your trip near the end of August and enjoy a less crowded (and more affordable) Ibiza throughout September. 

Avoid San Antonio Bay – If you are looking for a few nights away of non-stop drinking and partying then stay in this area. For us, we aren’t in our earlier 20s (unfortunately!) so we prefer a slightly quieter holiday. We prefer to stay in San Antonio – just a 15 minute walk from all the bars but in a much quieter area of Ibiza. There are still plenty of restaurants and bars around plus a quiet, smaller beach you can enjoy during the day.

Villas – Never underestimate the wonders of a renting a holiday villa in Ibiza. You can choose from a selection of different villas and apartments from, especially ideal for families, groups of friends and for anyone looking for a private pool.

Visit the Old Town – The Old Town can often be overlooked but it is worth planning a day trip to this picturesque paradise in Ibiza.

Avoiding the club queues – Most clubs open from 11pm through to 6.30am. The queues start to build from 1.30am onwards so aim to arrive before 1am to avoid the queues (especially in the August heat). 

Drinking – Note that it is illegal to drink alcohol in the streets, so be sensible when walking from one bar to another. 
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Happy Hours – Ibiza can be expensive, so you will want to take advantage of the happy hours each bar offers.

Disco Bus – If you are planning to enjoy the clubs, get yourself acquainted with the Disco Bus. For just €3, these buses take your across the island and drop you off outside the club of your choice. Buses run every 30 minutes, all night long.

Dress Code – Unlike other major party destinations in the world, Ibiza really doesn’t tend to have much of a dress code. Anything really does go. 

Getting there – The easiest way to get to Ibiza is by flying, however you may opt for the 2.5 hour ferry from Valencia. Make sure you compare the prices of ferry and flight, as during the height of summer, it can actually work out cheaper to fly. 

Explore – If you have some time in Ibiza, rent a car and explore the island. Ibiza really is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and you can find every single one of them just by driving around and exploring. 

Eat – You can’t visit Ibiza without eating some of the most amazing Spanish food. Head away from the bars and find local restaurants offering Paella, tapas and Sofrit Pages. 

Budget – It may sound boring, but Ibiza is incredibly expensive. It is possible to enjoy Ibiza on a budget but whether you have €500 or €5000 it is always best to give yourself a daily budget and stick to it.

Staying in Ibiza – Ibiza is awesome yes but don’t forget to explore some of the other awesome destinations Spain has to offer; Madrid, Barcelona and not forgetting ‘classy’ Benidorm!

Choosing the right club – All the clubs come with their own theming and energy, it can be difficult to decide which one to head to. My advise, look at the DJ’s playing whilst you are in Ibiza and head to the club with the type of music you like. A bad DJ can make or break a good night out! Head to Ibiza Spotlight for a full Party Calendar and more info on the clubs.

Not just for the young – One of the best things about Ibiza is that it is full of variety. Yes, you will see the 20 year olds walking around the streets in less than a bikini at 10pm at night, but you will also see families, couples and groups of friends of all ages. So whether you are 25 or 50, Ibiza is still a welcoming, fun place to be.

Enjoy the beaches – Ibiza is home to so many beautiful beaches, it can be hard to choose where to start! Check out this great guide to all the beaches and how to get to them .

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