Malaysia is indeed one of the most popular destinations in Asia but where to go in Malaysia?

If you want to know the best that Malaysia has to offer, then you have just landed on the right page. There are so many places that are already well known, and some of them are just waiting to be discovered. Look for cheap hotel booking when you plan for the trip and enjoy a comfortable and affordable stay.

Malaysia indeed has a lot to offer! The unique country has so many different ethnicities who have been living here in harmony for the past so many decades. You will come across temples of different Southeast, and the food is just amazing. People are warm and friendly.

Where to go in Malaysia

  • Melaka – The UNESCO world heritage site boasts of several famous historical landmarks like the Christ Church and Famosa Fort. Here you will come across buildings and locations that are remnants of the past. Do not miss out on the night markets in Melaka.
  • Colmar Tropicale – It is a must to visit the picturesque French-themed resort situated amidst acres of greenery of natural rainforest in Bukit Tinggi. Placed on the green highlands in Kuala Lumpur, the charming village is modelled after the beautiful 18th-century city of Colmar. Explore those lovely art galleries, quaint French cafés and enjoy those street performances in Colmar Tropicale.
  • Ipoh – Ipoh is undoubtedly underrated, and even the most experienced of travellers fail to notice it. Located in Perak, Ipoh boasts of magnificent natural scenery and great food options. The Lost World of Tambun is a favourite weekend getaway. Other attractions include Gunung Lang Recreational Park and Long Tong Cave Temple Gardens.

Where to go in Malaysia

  • Langkawi – The Langkawi island is immensely popular with locals as well as the tourists. Here, you will find yourself surrounded by beautiful beaches with crystal clear water. If you are looking for a great beach with the best food options, head towards Cenang beach. Hike to the Temurun waterfall and enjoy nature.
  • East Malaysia – Malaysian Borneo has much to offer and Kuching is home to many heritage locations and delicious food like laksa and kolo mee. You must visit the Sarawak Museum and the Chinese Museum as well as the authentic Bidayuh tribe village. It is a good idea to take a relaxing cruise on the Santubong River.

Where to go in Malaysia

  • Cameron Highlands – If you are looking for an escape from the hot and humid plains, then you should head for the cooler Cameron Highlands. The very touristy place is a popular getaway for those looking for nature and cooler temperatures. One can enjoy the quiet strawberry farm or trek through the jungle or explore the tea plantations.
  • Bukit Tinggi – Located in Bentong, Bukit Tinggi is often missed out because of the more illustrious spots. However, Bukit Tinggi is for those looking for relaxation and peace. Designed after a French town, it is well known as Little France amongst locals. You will love the European-style architecture and enjoy walking on the cobblestone pavements in the -inspired Japanese village.
  • Perhentian – If you are looking for the best diving experience, you will find it on the beaches on Perhentian. It is perfect for backpackers as well as resorts and hotels. Go for an island hopping trip that will take you across areas surrounding Perhentian. Take a boat ride to Lang Tengah and Kapas island which is peaceful and laid back.