WHERE TO STAY IN NEW YORK CITY? Econo Lodge Times Square

During our first trip to New York City, we spent 5 nights at Econo Lodge Times Square. As a budget chain, this Econo Lodge is a top pick because of its brilliant location. Here are our Pros and Cons about this place:

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  • Price – on our first trip here, the price was considerably cheaper than many other options in NYC never mind the Time Square area. We were able to get a room for £112/USD$178 per night, however, on our most recent trip, rooms had rocketed to £190/USD295  a night, with the Hilton Times Square being a cheaper option. This is a pro if you get the cheaper rate
  • Location – Just a block away from the heart of Times Square, we loved having to walk through Times Square to get anywhere! The area is full of life and the hotel is surrounded by convenience stores, cheap but delicious pizza spots and fun Irish bars. Several subway stops are a short walk away. Most NYC tour buses start in and around Times Square, so this place is perfect if you are intending to jump on a bus to see the city too! It is also a short walk from Broadway and a tonne of different and amazing restaurants.

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  • Rooms – This one goes in both Pro and Cons. It is not a luxurious room but it is clean and comfortable for those just looking for a place to sleep but intend to explore throughout the day.


  • Rooms – As mentioned above, the rooms are clean and comfortable but they are very small with little storage available. The beds were comfortable but the air-conditioning was relatively loud. We were happy with the room until we had to stay in it for a whole day whilst a Hurricane Irene swept across NYC. If you are looking for somewhere to relax and get some work done then this isn’t the place to visit but is ideal for short trips to explore the city.

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